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Senior Home Health Products: Bedside Pressure Mats & Motion Detectors

If your loved one is at risk of wandering, they can now enjoy a special layer of protection from their local senior home health agency

Motion detectors complement our senior home health services in Olympia, WAIf your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer's they are at a high risk of wandering during the night. In fact, any older adult that has trouble with their memory is likely to become disoriented and confused during the night, putting themselves in great danger. That is why, as senior home health providers, we decided to develop devices to help keep an eye on your loved one and make sure they are not in harm's way.

Our bedside pressure mats and motion detectors are just some of the devices we have developed to enrich our senior home health services. All of our products, whether they come in the form of a device or a service, are designed with our client's wellbeing and increased quality of life in mind. We want to help our seniors achieve their full potential and live out their Golden Years on their own terms. At the same time, we want to provide their family members with a sense of security.

Our bed alarms, also known as bedside pressure mats, are usually located next to an older adult's bed or wherever they feel most comfortable sleeping. Some seniors do not sleep during the night and that is not a problem. Our bedside pressure mats work 24 hours a day when they are turned on.

The bed alarms can be set up anywhere else in the house. Basically, they can go wherever your loved one should not be wandering during certain parts of the day. They can be turned off when they are no longer in use. These mats are tailor-made for monitoring the safety of older adults who are at risk of falling or wandering due to dementia.

Once pressure is applied to the bed alarms, i.e. whenever your loved one gets up from their bed or wanders into a specific part of their house, an alarm is triggered and will send an emergency notification to our SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station. In a matter of seconds, responders will receive the alarm and act accordingly.

We also offer infrared motion detectors. These are most often installed in a central area of a senior's home and will signal the SafetyChoice Centralized Monitoring Station when activated. Once they receive the alert, responders will get in touch with your loved one's caregiver and find out what is going on in the house. They can be turned off during the day.

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