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Senior Care Services Advice: Winter Home Improvement Projects

Feb 1, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Many seniors enjoy working on home improvement projects. However, some do not realize that there are certain projects that are ideal for the winter. Aides who provide senior care services in Olympia, WA, suggest that older adults consider placing the following winter home improvement projects on their to-do list:


Clean Gutters

Although gutter cleaning is a difficult and dangerous task, it must be done in order to prevent ice dams and clogged gutters. Seniors should avoid gutter cleaning on their own as it requires getting up on a ladder and can lead to falls. Instead, they should hire a professional gutter cleaner or invest in a quality gutter guard that can eliminate the need for gutter cleaning.


Add Insulation

Professionals who offer senior care services encourage older adults to insulate their home in the winter months. By doing so, they can reduce their utility bills and save money. It’s a good idea to insulate basement ceilings, air conditioning and heating ducts, and cracks where the foundation of their home meets the crawl space.



Applying a fresh coat of paint to the walls of a home can make any home feel newer. The winter is the perfect time for older adults to spruce up outdated walls with paint. Those who provide senior care services suggest that seniors open their windows while they are painting in order to air out the fumes.


Upgrade Bathrooms

An upgraded bathroom can make a senior feel more comfortable and relaxed in a room they use on a regular basis. Repainting the bathroom walls and replacing an old vanity with a new one are examples of affordable bathroom upgrades. Senior-friendly bathroom upgrades such as grab bars and non-skid mats can also be added to bathrooms to improve safety.


Cleaning gutters, adding insulation, painting, and upgrading bathrooms are all important home improvement projects seniors can focus on this winter.


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