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Elderly Care Advice: Exciting Vacation Ideas for Seniors

Feb 15, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Traveling is one of the greatest luxuries in life. Seniors who are in good health and have the financial means to do so should plan a vacation. A vacation will allow them to unwind, relax, and take a break from reality.

With so many vacation destinations out there, your older loved one may be unsure of where to go. Elderly care aides in Olympia, WA, suggest these exciting vacation ideas for seniors:


Alaskan Cruise

Older adults who do not have a passport but are searching for a unique vacation should consider an Alaskan cruise. They can enjoy the stunning waterfalls and glaciers and come close to a variety of wildlife. Professionals who provide elderly care explain that since Alaskan cruises are typically 10 days long, seniors should go on a shorter cruise before to make sure that a 10-day cruise is right for them.


Miami, Florida

For sunshine, warmth, and sand, seniors can’t go wrong with a trip to Miami. In addition to a beach, Miami offers a variety of museums, restaurants, and shopping opportunities. Older adults who appreciate the beauty of gardening should take a trip to the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden.


Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is an excellent vacation destination for seniors because of its breathtaking scenery and mild climate. Elderly care aides suggest that older adults who visit Sedona go hiking and bird watching and/or enjoy a jeep tour. Fortunately, Sedona offers world-class spas for those seniors who are looking for a luxury relaxation experience.


Williamsburg, Virginia

History buffs will love Williamsburg. This town can take seniors back in time and allow them to find out what it was like to be an original settler by staying in a Colonial House. Older adults can also meet up with historical characters like George Washington and save money on the various senior discounts that are available in the area.


An Alaskan cruise, Miami, Sedona, and Williamsburg are all great vacation ideas that older adults are bound to enjoy.


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