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Palliative Care Advice: Emotional Healing Tips for Seniors

Mar 15, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Sadness, anxiety, agitation, and physical ailments are all forms of emotional distress. When seniors are living with a chronic health condition, they may be unsure of how to cope with their emotional distress. The good news is that there are several emotional healing tips that palliative care professionals in Olympia, WA, have found to be effective. These tips include:


Be True to Yourself

Older adults should be true to themselves. This means, they should ask for what they want, stand up for their values, and live the type of life that makes them happy. Emotional healing cannot be achieved when they are spending their days being someone that they simply are not.


Distract Yourself

Rather than constantly thinking about the challenges in their life, older adults should distract themselves with fun hobbies and activities. Palliative care aides suggest that seniors try gardening, reading, baking, crafting, or visiting a museum with loved ones in order to distract themselves.


Build a Support System

It can be very difficult for seniors to heal emotionally on their own. Therefore, they should trust palliative care professionals, family members, and close friends to help them out. Building a support system and using it can do wonders for their emotional well-being.



Exercise releases endorphins which are feel good chemicals in the brain. By working out regularly, seniors can forget about their hardships, feel happier, and improve their physical health.



Relaxation is one of the keys to emotional healing. On days when life seems tougher than usual, seniors should make time to simply relax. Whether they take a warm bath, meditate, or go for a walk, relaxation can reduce their stress levels and improve their outlook on life.


Seniors who are living with emotional distress should be true to themselves, incorporate distractions into their life, build a support system, exercise and relax.


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