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Home Health Aide Advice: Tips for Seniors Searching for New Friends

Mar 29, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Friends are important for older adults. By developing close friendships, seniors are less likely to become lonely and depressed as friends can help them live a happier, more fulfilling life. If your senior loved one is having trouble meeting new people and making friends, a home health aide in Olympia, WA, can educate them on these tips.


Join a Gym or Community Center

Gyms and community centers are filled with senior members who are looking to socialize and make new friends. By joining a gym or community center, older adults can enjoy access to exercise classes, health fairs, and special events while meeting other members.



Volunteering can give senior citizens the chance to give back to the community and support a worthy cause while making new friends. A home health aide can help your older adult find an organization that they believe in and would like to volunteer at.


Work Part-Time

Older adults who would like to make some extra money in their retirement years while making new friends should consider getting a part-time job. They can work at a favorite retail store, museum, or anywhere else that excites them.


Visit the Library

Libraries offer free clubs and events for individuals of all ages, including senior citizens. Older adults should visit the library on a regular basis to meet others who also enjoy the library atmosphere. A home health aide can assist your senior in obtaining a library schedule so they know what types of clubs and events their local library offers.


Spend Time with Loved Ones

Often times, spending time with family and current friends can introduce seniors to new friendships. Older adults should make it known that they are in search of friends because their loved ones will likely know someone that is a good fit for them.


Joining a gym or community center, volunteering, working part-time, visiting the library, and spending time with loved ones are all great ways for older adults to make new friends.


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