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Respite Care Advice: How Seniors Can Increase Happiness

Apr 26, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

When seniors are happier, they enjoy productive and fulfilling lives and truly make the most out of their golden years. If your older loved one regularly seems down in the dumps and is struggling to be happy, there are several tips respite care providers in Olympia, WA, suggest:


Invest in Experiences Over Things

While a materialistic item such as a new handbag or jacket may make a senior happy temporarily, it is not the key to lasting happiness. By investing in experiences over things, older adults are far more likely to become happier people. Aides who offer respite care suggest that seniors spend money on a day at the museum, a trip to Hawaii, a cooking class, or any other experiences that they will enjoy.



In addition to keeping seniors in tip-top shape, exercise boosts their levels of endorphins. Endorphins are also known as happy hormones because they can instantly improve someone’s mood. Walks around the neighborhood, water aerobics classes, bowling, and dancing are a few examples of exercises that can increase a senior’s happiness.


Get a Pet

Getting a pet is a great idea for older adults who would like to live happier lives. When they have a pet at home, they will always have a companion and someone to care for and love. Professionals who specialize in respite care note that pet ownership should be reserved for seniors who are mentally and physically capable of taking care of a pet.


Spend Time with Happy People

Believe it or not, happiness is contagious. Therefore, seniors who surround themselves with friends and family members who are constantly smiling and laughing are more likely to be happy than those who are always around people who are negative and pessimistic.


Investing in experiences over things, exercising, getting a pet, and spending time with happy people can all help older adults increase how happy they are on a daily basis.


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