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Non Medical Home Care Advice: Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

Oct 12, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

All types of pets can benefit older adults. Regardless of whether they own a pet or visit one regularly, they can improve their health and overall quality of life. Aides who provide non medical home care encourage seniors to expose themselves to pets because of the following benefits.

Physical Activity

Caring for a pet require seniors to be active. Seniors may need to walk their dog or other pet on a regular basis and play with them frequently. This can allow them to increase their mobility and enjoy a healthy weight, reduced blood pressure, and improve circulation.

Less Stress

Non medical home care aides explain that one of the best stress relievers for senior citizens is a pet. Playing or cuddling with a pet can be very comforting and help make older adults forget about any stressors they may have. When seniors are less stressed, they are more likely to enjoy life and reduce their risk of loneliness and depression.

Improved Mood

When older adults are feeling down, a pet can easily cheer them up. Pets can provide seniors with a greater sense of purpose. Professionals who specialize in non medical home care note that whenever they interact with pets, seniors smile and look happier.

More Social Interaction

The importance of social interaction for senior citizens should not be overlooked. When older adults spend time with family members and friends, they tend to lead more active lifestyles. An active lifestyle can benefit them both physically and mentally by helping them stay in shape and keep their brain health at its optimal level.

Older adults who spend time with pets can enjoy a variety of benefits including greater physical activity and social interaction, less stress, and a happier mood. Older adults with many physical and mental interactions should consider low-maintenance pets like hamsters or fish while those who are in better general health can enjoy a dog, cat, or a higher-maintenance pet.

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