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Home Care Options Advice: Best Low-Impact Exercises for Seniors

Oct 25, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Most seniors understand the importance of exercise. By exercising for at least 30-minutes each day, they can maintain a healthy weight, increase their energy levels, strengthen their bones, and reduce their risk of health complications. Fortunately, seniors don’t have to run a marathon or engage in strenuous physical activity in order to reap the benefits of exercise. Aides who offer home care options suggest these low-impact exercises for older adults:


Walking is a simple yet enjoyable exercise for older adults who are in search of a low-impact workout. Seniors can walk around their neighborhood or a local park when the weather is pleasant and walk around the shopping mall or an indoor track when it’s cold outside. Regardless of where they choose to walk, seniors should wear supportive shoes and bring a water bottle with them.


Swimming is ideal for seniors with arthritis or joint issues as it allows them to burn calories and increase their strength without placing any stress on their joints. Providers who specialize in home care options recommend that seniors take a swimming or water aerobics class at a local gym or community center so they can meet new people while getting a full-body workout.


There’s a reason yoga has increased in popularity in recent years. It gives older adults the opportunity to increase their flexibility while becoming stronger and alleviating stress. There are a variety of yoga poses that are ideal for seniors, making it a good idea for them to take a yoga class that is for participants who are 55 years of age or older.


Dancing is one of the most exciting low-impact exercises. Senior citizens should grab their friends and take dance classes. There are various dance classes available including ballet, jazz, and swing dancing.

Walking, swimming, yoga, and dancing are all great examples of low-impact exercises older adults are bound to enjoy.

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