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Care at Home Advice: Benefits of Medical Alert Systems for Seniors

Dec 6, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Medical alert systems that provide help for seniors in emergency situations are more popular today than ever before. They are incredibly beneficial for all senior citizens and can give family members some much-needed peace of mind. Aides who offer care at home recommend medical alert systems for senior citizens for the following reasons.

Ease of Use

Since medical alert systems were specifically designed for seniors, they are easy to use. Most of them involve pushing a button or pulling a string. As soon as a button is pushed or string is pulled, seniors will be connected to a call center who will ask questions to provide them with the type of emergency assistance they need.


When medical alert systems first made their debut, they were pricey and difficult for seniors to afford. Due to improving technology and more options, these systems are more affordable. Professionals who provide care at home encourage older adults to check with their insurance to determine whether they can receive coverage for a medical alert system.

Various Options

Since every senior has different needs and preferences, there are various medical alert systems they may use. Seniors can purchase medical alert systems in necklace or bracelet form or ones that are waterproof and be used while they swim or shower. There are also medical alert systems with built-in GPS devices that can make it easy for older adults to be located in an emergency.

Numerous Purposes

Initially, medical alert systems were solely used for emergencies. These days, however, older adults can depend on them for other purposes. Some medical alert systems can remind seniors to take their medications on time while others can monitor an older adult’s blood pressure or the carbon monoxide levels around them.

Medical alert systems are easy to use, affordable, come in a variety of forms, and serve numerous purposes, making them a wise investment for senior citizens. 

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