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Adult Home Care Advice: Fun Winter Activities for Seniors

Dec 20, 2018 by Cindy Adkins

Now that winter has made its debut, older adults are encouraged to fill their schedules with various fun activities. By staying active throughout the winter season, they can reduce their risk of isolation and loneliness and make the most out of the colder months. Providers who specialize in adult home care recommend these fun winter activities for seniors.

Make Holiday Gifts

Since the holidays are fast approaching, seniors may make homemade gifts to give to their loved ones. Some of these gifts may include candles, jewelry, picture frames, or fleece blankets. Regardless of what types of holiday gifts they choose to make, older adults can save money and surprise their friends and family with thoughtful items.

Color in Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books have increased in popularity in recent years. Older adults who enjoy arts and crafts and are searching for a way to relieve some stress can benefit significantly from adult coloring books on cold winter days.

Attend Holiday Celebrations

The winter time is typically filled with holiday celebrations hosted by friends and family, libraries, religious organizations, or the local community. An aide who offers adult home care can help senior citizens find out when these holiday celebrations are occurring so they can attend them.

Spend Time with Grandchildren Outside

Seniors who are lucky enough to have children should choose a day that’s not terribly cold to spend time with them outside. Children and older adults can enjoy a day of sledding or making snow angels. Once they are tired, they can warm up with some hot chocolate.

Visit the Bookstore or Library

Bookstores and libraries are great places for older adults to enjoy when the weather is cold. Adult home care professionals explain that they can browse through various books and magazines and attend book clubs and lectures.

Making holiday gifts, coloring in adult coloring books, attending holiday celebrations, spending time with grandchildren outside, and visiting the bookstore or library are all exciting ways for seniors to fill their winter schedules.

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