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In Home Care Pros and Cons

Mar 15, 2017 by Anonymous

Know that You’re Getting with In-Home Care

Every year, thousands of in-home caregivers attend to people all over the country, brightening days, and making hundreds of thousands of people safer. Though the concept of in-home care is a simple one, it can be difficult for some insurance companies to understand, which can then make it difficult for some to afford. There is an art to in-home caregiving, and those with the training, and the talent for the task are often faced with difficult situations, and they always manage to overcome them, helping their clients to succeed!

Pro: Companionship for Senior Citizens

Too often, senior loved ones are left alone for days at a time. Grown children often have children of their own, and little time to stop by for a visit. No one’s loved one goes without the companionship they deserve because of a lack of love. Unforeseen circumstances can turn an afternoon with mother into a work meeting, a conference call, a stay gone too long with friends, and so on. When this happens, in-home caregivers are there to save the day! Even if you’re not exactly sure of what your schedule will be, you can always drop by to visit your loved one with their in-home caregiver.

Con: Price

In-home caregiving is immensely beneficial to anyone that is able to receive this type of care. Despite the great benefits of in-home care, it can sometimes be difficult to get in-home care covered by insurance. The cost of in-home care can be high, but it is possible that medicare and medicaid will cover some of the costs, if your family is in need. It is also possible to receive financial assistance from other non-profit sources. Choosing in-home care isn’t always an easy decision to make, but thorough research into payment options can make in-home care more feasible for you.  


Pro: Assistance with Light Chores

Whatever the reason that you choose in-home care, the client will almost certainly need assistance with some of the things that we all need to do around our homes. Simply taking care of the few dishes in the sink, or wiping down the windows can make a really difference in someone’s day. Even someone with mobility issues that needs occasional transportation from time to time can benefit from in-home care! Running errands are a regular part of many in-home caregivers’ daily schedules, so don’t hesitate to ask for anything with which you may need help.

Con: Length of Time to Build Trust

It may not be easy for anyone to build trust with another person. Among the people who benefit most from in-home care are people living with any stage of dementia. Because dementia is a condition that affects a person’s memory, it may take a long time for someone with the condition to understand that this new person is there to help. This may cause a temporary strain the relationship that an in-home caregiver has with a client, but this can straighten out over time.

Pro: Easy to Get

In-home care is always an easy thing to get, but local agencies will always have the best quality care for yourself or for a loved one. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local care provider agency to get more information about in-home care for yourself, or a loved one.

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