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Light Senior Care Options

Jun 5, 2017 by Anonymous


Light Senior Care

When you have an aging loved one in your life, you are likely grateful if they can do most of the things they need to have done themselves. There may come a point, however, when they need help with a few small things here and there. You may be able to take care of some of the items on your own, but there’s nothing wrong with enlisting senior care help for things, either. Here are a few small senior care options to consider as your loved one shows signs that they need the extra help.


Companion Care

Sometimes, all a senior really needs is someone to talk to. Your loved one probably spends long hours at home alone and they get lonely! Even though you try to visit as much as you can, you have a family, job, and life of your own. You can’t be there as much as they need in order to avoid those lonely feelings. Getting a caregiver to offer companionship here and there can really help. The caregivers lend an ear, play games, have meaningful conversations, and simply spend time with your loved one.



Seniors often have a lot of appointments with their doctors. They may have to fill prescriptions, hit the grocery store, and run other errands too. Once your loved one can no longer drive, it can become a larger burden on you to drive them everywhere they need to go. Getting a caregiver for transportation services can really help. Your loved one will get where they need to be safely and you won’t have to worry about keeping up with the appointment schedule yourself.


Nutrition Services

It’s important for anyone to eat right, but it’s even more important for the senior in your life to get the nutrition they need. Their immune system will work better when their body is nourished correctly. As they age and aren’t able to cook as much as they used to, they may simply reach for processed foods and snacks in order to get by. Instead of allowing those unhealthy habits to take form, you can have a caregiver help them with nutrition services to ensure that they get the food their body really needs in order to remain healthy.


Light Cleaning

It’s possible that your loved one just doesn’t have the energy they used to have and instead of taxing themselves, they have simply let their house go a bit. They want to stay in their home as much as possible, but it’s dangerous for them to be reaching to dust and leaning into the tub to scrub. Having a caregiver assist with regular, light cleaning, can keep the house in its normal standards without too much trouble for anyone.


Finding The Help

Finding help with Comfort Keepers is the easy part. We have caregivers that specialize in a number of different areas and you can customize your plan to meet your loved one’s needs. The hardest part is figuring out what services you want to enlist and when. Take time to consider the issues at hand and the feelings of your loved one.


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